Proverbs 22:6  "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it".


Kidz – Lessons on People:

Lesson: Are You a Saul or Have You Become a Paul? OPEN
Lesson: Solving the Mystery of What Really Happened with Enoch & Elijah OPEN
Magazine: God and Creation OPEN
Magazine: Adam and Eve OPEN
Magazine: Cain and Abel OPEN
Worksheet: Daniel & The King's Dream OPEN
Worksheet: Jonah OPEN
Worksheet: God's Promise to Abraham OPEN
Wordfind: God's Promise to Abraham OPEN
Coloring Page: God's Promise to Abraham OPEN



Kidz – Lessons on Principles:

Lesson Plan: How Could God Ever Love a Sinner Like Me? OPEN
Maze: God's Love OPEN
Lesson Plan: How Does God Measure Time? OPEN
Maze: God's Time OPEN
Lesson Plan: Is There a Wrong Way to Worship God? OPEN
Maze: Worship in Truth OPEN
Lesson Plan: Just What Do You Mean by Hell? OPEN
Lesson Plan: The Importance of Truth OPEN
Lesson Plan: Are You a Hearer or a Doer? OPEN
Maze: Be a Doer OPEN
Worksheet: Beatitudes OPEN
Worksheet: Fruits of the Spirit OPEN
Wordfind: Fruits of the Spirit OPEN
Matching: Ready with an Answer OPEN
Lesson Plan: The Narrow Gate OPEN
Worksheet: The Narrow Gate OPEN
Puzzle: The Narrow Gate OPEN
Lesson Plan: What's For Dinner? OPEN
Worksheet: God's Food Laws OPEN
Worksheet: Animals OPEN
Worksheet: T-Chart OPEN
Worksheet: Recipe Card OPEN
Answer Keys: God's Food Laws OPEN

God's Plan

Kidz – Lessons on God’s Plan:

Lesson: Passover Preparation (Primary Age) OPEN
Worksheet: Plagues of Egypt OPEN
Matching: Plagues of Egypt (Primary Age) OPEN

Coloring Book: Passover - CBCG OPEN
Wordfind: Footwashing OPEN
Word Scramble: Passover OPEN
Coloring Page: Passover (Primary Age) OPEN
Maze: Drawing Close to God (Primary Age) OPEN
Worksheet: Feast of Unleavened Bread OPEN
Lesson: Sheaf of Wheat OPEN
Image: Sheaf of Wheat OPEN

Coloring Book: Feast of Unleavened Bread - CBCG OPEN
Wordfind: Feast of Unleavened Bread OPEN
Wordfind: Wave Sheaf Offering OPEN
Coloring Page: Parting of the Red Sea OPEN
Worksheet: Parting of the Red Sea (Primary Activity) OPEN
Worksheet: Pre-Pentecost 1 OPEN
Passage: Pre-Pentecost 1 OPEN

Worksheet: Pre-Pentecost 2 OPEN

Passage: Pre-Pentecost 2 OPEN

Crossword Puzzle: Pentecost OPEN
Wordfind - Difficult: Pentecost OPEN
Wordfind - Easy: Pentecost OPEN
Coloring Book: Pentecost - CBCG OPEN
Word Scramble: Feast of Trumpets OPEN
Coloring Book: Feast of Trumpets - CBCG OPEN
Lesson Plan: Day of Atonement OPEN
Coloring Book: Day of Atonement- CBCG OPEN
Lesson Plan: Day 1 Feast of Tabernacles OPEN
Lesson Plan: Day 2 Feast of Tabernacles OPEN

Kidz Feast Packet 2019 OPEN
Coloring Book: Feast of Tabernacles - CBCG OPEN
Lesson Plan: The Last Great Day OPEN
Lesson Plan: Do You Have the Sign of God 1 OPEN
Lesson Plan: Do You Have the Sign of God 2 OPEN
Coloring Book: Sabbath - CBCG OPEN
Worksheet: Christmas - The Greatest Story Never Told OPEN
Passage: Christmas - The Greatest Story Never Told OPEN
Holy Day Symbols OPEN
God's Year Placemat OPEN

Spring Holy Day Bingo OPEN
Fall Holy Day Bingo OPEN

Blank Board Game 1 OPEN
Blank Board Game 2 OPEN


God's Commands

Kidz – Lessons on the 10 Commandments:

Worksheet: 1st Commandment OPEN
Worksheet: 2nd Commandment OPEN
Worksheet: 3rd Commandment OPEN
Worksheet: 4th Commandment OPEN
Worksheet: 5th Commandment OPEN
Worksheet: 6th Commandment OPEN
Worksheet: 7th Commandment OPEN
Worksheet: 8th Commandment OPEN
Worksheet: 9th Commandment OPEN
Worksheet: 10th Commandment OPEN
Wordfind: 10 Commandments OPEN
Cryptogram: 10 Commandments OPEN
Coloring Book: 10 Commandments - CBCG OPEN


Kidz – Lessons on Proverbs:

Worksheet: Proverbs - Part 1 (Prov. 1-9) OPEN
Worksheet: Proverbs - Part 2 (Prov. 10-12) OPEN
Worksheet: Proverbs - Part 3 (Prov. 13-15) OPEN
Worksheet: Proverbs - Part 4 (Prov. 16-20) OPEN
Worksheet: Proverbs - Part 5 (Prov. 21-22) OPEN
Worksheet: Proverbs - Part 6 (Prov. 23-27) OPEN
Worksheet: Proverbs - Part 7 (Prov. 28-31) OPEN
Coloring Book: Proverbs - CBCG OPEN


Kidz – Lessons on Parables:

Worksheet: Salt and Light OPEN
Worksheet: The Lost Sheep OPEN
Worksheet: The Lost Coin OPEN
Word Scramble: Parable of the 10 Virgins OPEN
Wordfind: Parable of the Sower OPEN
Worksheet: Parable of the Wheat & the Tares OPEN


Kidz – Lessons on Promises

Lesson Plan: Holy Spirit - Part 1 OPEN
Lesson Plan: Holy Spirit - Part 2 OPEN
Worksheet: Comfort OPEN
Wordfind: Nothing is Impossible with God OPEN
Worksheet: Strength OPEN
Coloring Sheet: Joy OPEN
Worksheet: Trusting God OPEN
Activity: Design a T-Shirt OPEN
Coloring Page: Trusting God OPEN