Proverbs 22:6  "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it".


Kidz – Lessons on People:

Are You a Saul or Have You Become a Paul? OPEN
Solving the Mystery of What Really Happened with Enoch & Elijah OPEN
God and Creation OPEN
Adam and Eve OPEN
Cain and Abel OPEN
Daniel & The King's Dream OPEN



Kidz – Lessons on Principles:

How Could God Ever Love a Sinner Like Me? OPEN
How Does God Measure Time? OPEN
Is There a Wrong Way to Worship God? OPEN
Just What Do You Mean by Hell? OPEN
The Importance of Truth OPEN
Are You a Hearer or a Doer? OPEN
Beatitudes OPEN
Fruits of the Spirit OPEN
Ready with an Answer OPEN

God's Plan

Kidz – Lessons on God’s Plan:

Passover OPEN
Feast of Unleavened Bread OPEN
Pre-Pentecost 1 (worksheet) OPEN
Pre-Pentecost 1 (passage) OPEN

Pre-Pentecost 2 (worksheet) OPEN

Pre-Pentecost 2 (passage) OPEN
Feast of Trumpets OPEN
Day of Atonement OPEN
1. Day 1 Feast of Tabernacles OPEN
2. Day 2 Feast of Tabernacles OPEN

Kidz Feast Packet 2019 OPEN
The Last Great Day OPEN
1. Do You Have the Sign of God 1 OPEN
2. Do You Have the Sign of God 2 OPEN
Holy Day Symbols OPEN
God's Year Placemat OPEN
Christmas - The Greatest Story Never Told (Worksheet)OPEN
Christmas - The Greatest Story Never Told (Passage)OPEN


God's Commands

Kidz – Lessons on the 10 Commandments:

1st Commandment OPEN
2nd Commandment OPEN
3rd Commandment OPEN
4th Commandment OPEN
5th Commandment OPEN
6th Commandment OPEN
7th Commandment OPEN
8th Commandment OPEN
9th Commandment OPEN
10th Commandment OPEN


Kidz – Lessons on Proverbs:

Proverbs - Part 1 OPEN
Proverbs - Part 2 OPEN
Proverbs - Part 3 OPEN
Proverbs - Part 4 OPEN
Proverbs - Part 5 OPEN
Proverbs - Part 6 OPEN
Proverbs - Part 7 OPEN


Kidz – Lessons on Parables:

Salt and Light OPEN
The Lost Sheep OPEN
The Lost Coin OPEN


Kidz – Lessons on Promises

Holy Spirit - Part 1 OPEN
Holy Spirit - Part 2 OPEN
Comfort OPEN
Strength OPEN