1000 Year Nap

191 Days

You Cant Fix Stupid

Year One

Why Me

Why Me God

What are We Waiting For

What Are the Odds (rev)



Warning Lights



Twas the Night

Trumpets to Tabernacles

Train up a Child

Too High of a Call

Tolerating Encroachment

Thoughts on Fellowship

Theres a Storm Coming

Therefore Go

The Word of God in You

The Two-fold Test

The Temple Times

Taps to Reveille


The Son Shines on the Mourning

The Sabbath Growing to Know God

The Price of Atonement

The Longest Day

The Joy of The Lord

The If Button

The Forest Behind the Trees

The Feast of Tabernacles

The Feast of Tabernacles Moving Forward

The Famine is Here

The Family of God

The Day of Atonement- Fulfillment of Prophecy

The Alarm Went Off Get Up or Hit the Snooze Button 2022

Thanks You Tube

Thank You Kimmie

Tell a Vision

Remember to Feed My Sheep FOT 2022

Remember and Watch

Pride or Fear

Prep for Persecution

Praise and Worship

Praise and Worship FOT 2022

Pinching Apples

Parallax View

Outside Looking In

One Thing Leads to Another

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones part 2

Statistically Speaking

Spitting out Pretzels 2022

Shepherding 101

Sharing Our Lives at the Feast

Sermon on the Wall

Seeing is Believing

Of Sci-fi and Faith

Of Kings and Priests

Of Elephants and Donkeys

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Not So Fast

Not So Current Events

Not My Will

Nobody Does It Better

No U Turns

no Small Thing

No Internet

No Greater Lov1

No God No Peace Know God Know Peace

Narrow is the Way

Much Obliged

Morphing the Turkey

Missing a Meal

Millennial Roles Teachers

Old Luggage

Old Emails

Measure Up

Math Problems

Magic Mirror

Loss of Focus

Lessons in the Storm

Last in Line

Know What You Know


Joy of The Lord

It’s Never Too Late

Iron Sharpens Iron

In the Millennium

Im Thirsty

I’ll Take a Mulligan

I’ll Take a Mulligan (revised)

I’ll Be Back

I Want

Halt Who goes There

Half-hearted Prayers

Half-hearted Prayers ALack of Faith or Lack of

Half-hearted Prayers a Lack of Faith or Lack of Trust in God

Half Hearted Prayers Putting Limits on an Unlimited God

I Heard It Through the Grapevine

I Can See Clearly Now

How Sweet It Is

How Did We End Up Here

Houston We Have a Problem


Holy Days Trumpets

Hold Fast and Let Go

Hear O Israel

Hard Times

Hang Up Your Black Robe

Front Row Center

From the Cross

Four Letter Word

Forged in Fire

For This We Are Truly Thankful

For the Right Reasons

Fix Yourself First

First in Line


Feeding Our Littlest Lambs

Feast of Tabernacles 2023

Fear vs Faith

Gods Way

Getting to Work on Time

Get Smart

Get Off the Bench

fy in The Bible

Fear or Pride

Fear or Pride revised 22120

Father Forgive Them

Fasting and Reconciliation

Everybody Gets a Trophy

Everybody Doesnt Get a Trophy

Essay-The Clock Stopped and the Whole World Changed

Essay-Creation Simply Explained

Essay Spitting Out Pretzels revised

Essay Spitting Out Pretzels 2021

Essay Seeds and Seasons part 2

Essay Seeds and Seasons part 1

Essay- I Believe

Essay Follow-up 10-08-16

Essay- Feed My Sheep…but which ones Lord

Essay Did You Ever Lose Your Keys

Essay 2020

Cut and Paste Christianit part 2

Creation Simply Explained revised 051422


Dumber by the Day

Do You Know God


Cut and Paste Christianity part 12 3 in 1

Cut and Paste Christianity part 10 The Lord’s Day

Cut and Paste Christianity Part 9 ands ifs buts

Cut and Paste Christianity part 8 Born Again Heaven Bound

Cut and Paste Christianity Part 7

Cut and Paste Christianity Part 6 The Rapture

Cut and Paste Christianity Part 5

Cut and Paste Christianity Part 4

Cut and Paste Christianity Part 3

Cut and Paste Christianity part 1

Cut and Paste Christianity part 1 revised 5-11-23

Beatitudes Matthew 5 3-6

As a Child

Are You Really Surprised

Are We Any Better

Another Weekly Coincidence

And It Came to Pass

An awesome God we serve

Ammo for Your Ready Answer Arsenal

Who’s in the House

Where Were You

What is in a Name

What Have You Learned Grasshopper

What Have You Learned Grasshopper FOT 2022

Come Out from The Midst of Them

Climbing the Ladder


But Wait There’s More

Boy Are We Dumb

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Bible Study

Believing is Seeing

Becoming a Witness

All That and a Bag of Chips

A Whisper in the Storm

A Well Pleasing Witness

A Shadow of a Doubt

A Ready Answer

A Kings Coronation

2023 Already

2016, Turn the Page…2017

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